20 Mila Collection

20 Mila Collection

Passionate about what we do, passionate about giving everyone a chance to look expensive, classy, and dapper by wearing top quality pieces and fabrics, Made in Italy following the most traditional sartorial process. 

This is who we are at Diroma1980.

Mamma Rosanna, after a long break, decided to actively and directly imprint her stamp on our products.
The care, love and attention to details that mamma Rosanna has put into our new pocket squares are for me personally something very special.

All of the pocket squares of the VENTI MILA collection are hand rolled, unique pieces that will be not be found anywhere in the World.

GRAZIE mamma Rosanna.

Handmade in the North of Italy specifically for us, designed by myself.. our VENTI MILA ties present a new improved silhouette and fine silk. Delivering strong knots, these ties represent my idea of beauty. Vintage Luxury silks with over 40 years of age show us that old fabrics can have a modern soul.