Diroma1980 from Angelo’s words

The soul of Diroma1980 revolves around my Italian roots and the love for my Land. When I was 26 years old I moved from Italy to the U.K.

I left my secure job in my home town to jump into the unknown and set myself a new challenge which started with learning a completely new language.

After 7 years working in the U.K. in the sartorial field I realised that my life will always be here in England, but I felt the need to reconnect with my mother Land. Our products are entirely made in my hometown in the South of Italy, Francavilla Fontana, following the most traditional process that has been used for many years. Italy and England are two very different countries, with different cultures and customs, but one quality they have in common: a great craftsmanship tradition.

Diroma1980 is my way to give back to the two countries that have made me the man that I am today. I do so by echoing to the World their finest craftsmanship imprinted in our products.

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